Chapter Four

            Delighted with the prospect of having his novel made into a movie, Mason arrived at Hollywood early on Sunday evening. He had $1,000,000 in his briefcase and got the manager of the Hollywood Hotel to place the cash in a safe. He didn’t bother to call Samantha to tell her that he’d arrived safely and didn’t care about her feelings. Falling asleep he had erotic dreams of escorts satisfying his sexual desires and extensive fantasies.

            That night Samantha waited and waited by the telephone for his call to tell her he had arrived in Hollywood safe and sound. Disappointed, she never heard from him and Samantha eventually felt lonely.

     I feel like I’ve been stood up on high school prom night. Mason is so inconsiderate to forget about me tonight, she thought to herself.

    Mason had hurt Samantha’s feelings and she cried hard. She waited and waited for Mason’s call. At daybreak the next morning Samantha finally fell asleep. Mason never called his wife the next day and thereafter for a long time.

Later the next morning, Paul appeared at the hotel with a driver and black limousine to pick Mason up. They chatted about his flights to and from Traverse City and their upcoming meeting with the studio owner.

“Scott Welling can be difficult at times,” Paul shared with Mason, “but he is one of the best movie producers and he seeks out new talent like you. I gave him a copy of your book to look over. Tell him how you’ll help with the project, but keep it short. He was extremely nice to give us a luncheon appointment and that’s a good sign he’s interested in The Love Affair. Whatever you do, don’t argue with him or he’ll throw us out of his mansion. He has a bad temper. We’ll be lucky if Welling puts up half of the money to make a film out of your novel. I don’t know any other studio owner that will take on your project. So, it is either him or no one. Understand?”

“Yes, I understand you, Paul. Thanks for the warning. I won’t argue with him.  I’ll be polite,” assured Mason.

            Once again, Mason wasn’t used to traveling in heavy traffic. The bad smog hurt his eyes and throat. They made their way across Hollywood to Welling’s mansion. Upon arriving Paul rang a buzzer at the front gate and gave his name. The security gate opened for them to go inside.

            Once they arrived at the mansion, Mason saw lush hedges, colorful flowerbeds, and a huge grass lawn on the grounds, with two dozen mature oak trees. Everything in the yard looked manicured. They got out of the limo and went to the front door. After ringing a bell to announce their arrival, a butler opened the door and let them inside. He greeted them and led the two men into a glass-paneled, air-conditioned porch. Mason had never seen the likes of Welling’s grand mansion before in his life, not even on TV shows like The Rich and Famous.

   “Hello, gentlemen, come on into my porch for our meeting,” said Mr. Welling, not smiling. His snow-white hair was combed back over his head and he had a pencil-thin silver moustache. Mr. Welling looked distinguished in tan, tailor-made clothes and matching leather shoes. Mason was impressed with how the studio owner dressed, even though he was wearing casual attire.

Paul and Mason shook hands with Scott and sat down at a long deck table in the porch. A maid arrived with three cups of clam chowder, fresh garden salads, and some ice-cold lemonade. Mason studied the movie producer’s worn face and immediately didn’t like him. He seemed to be an arrogant man with a big ego. Unknown to Mason, Welling’s movie studio was in a financial crisis and Scott needed some new investors with deep pockets to keep it afloat. Scott would only use Mason’s money for the movie project, not spending any of his own. He had a reputation in Hollywood of never having financially backed an unsuccessful movie during his long career. His actions amounted to fraud, according to some critics.

“I read your book, Mr. Rossman. It needs a lot of work to become a good screenplay, but I have some writers who can help with that,” Mr. Welling told Mason and Paul.

“We were counting on that,” injected Paul before Mason could say he was hurt by the comment.

“Let’s talk about financing the movie. How much money can you put up?” asked Mr. Welling.

Again, Paul spoke first, saying, “$50,000,000.”

“That’s about the half the budget for a Hollywood movie. My studio will put up another $50,000,000 to produce it,” said Scott, lying.

“That sounds fair,” said Paul, speaking for Mason.

“Mr. Rossman what do you know about filming a movie?” asked the producer.

“Quite frankly, I don’t know how to make a movie, so I’ll let you determine my role,” said Mason, honestly. “The only thing I insist on is the title of the movie. I’ll compromise on anything else but thetitle. The name of the movie has to be The Love Affair. Other than that, I’m willing to go along with any of the screenwriters’ changes to the script.”

“Okay, that sounds fair and reasonable. The title of the movie will be The Love Affair for sure. I appreciate your candid appraisal of your background. I can use you as a consultant on the script. Do you live in Hollywood?” asked Mr. Welling.

“Right now, I’m staying at the Hollywood Hotel but I’m considering moving here and buying a mansion soon when I get this project off the ground,” explained Mason. He started eating the clam chowder with a spoon.

“Good. Here’s a contract you’ll need to sign. I look forward to working with you,” said Mr. Welling, trying to cut off the conversation so he could get down to the film studio for another meeting. Mason signed the contract without reading it after Paul told him it was a standard boilerplate agreement for producing a movie.     

“Paul will make arrangements for the $50,000,000 to be paid to my studio. Anything else, gentleman?” asked Mr. Welling.

“No, that will do it,” answered Paul.

“Thank you, Mr. Welling,” said Mason, surprised the meeting had taken such a short time. He’d barely eaten his lunch. He was happy with the way things had worked out and his partnership with Welling’s studio.

They all shook hands again and the two men left the mansion in Paul’s black limousine.

“That turned out to be an excellent meeting. Remember, Mr. Welling is an extremely busy studio owner. He’s all business, so don’t expect him to be your friend,” explained Paul.

“That’s fine with me. I didn’t like him personally. I think Welling has a big ego. He did please me by agreeing to provide a studio and put up half the money for my movie,” said Mason. “I’m going to telephone my wife about the good news and then go house hunting.”

“Sounds like you’ll have a good afternoon,” said Paul.

“I appreciate all your help,” said Mason.

Paul dropped Mason off at the Hollywood Hotel and they said good-bye. He called Samantha to tell her the good news. At first, she was happy about the movie project, until Mason told her he would be staying in Hollywood for some time to buy another mansion. He played her and asked if she would come to Hollywood, hoping she didn’t want to relocate. Again, Samantha answered no. She didn’t want to be away from her sickly mother and move to California. He tried again. The young woman told Mason adamantly that her moving to Hollywood wasn’t going to happen. He said her not living in Hollywood with him was okay. The truth of the matter was that Mason felt happy to begin living in different locations. They both said good-bye without their usual “I love you.”

Now Mason has done it and spent a lot of money on his movie fantasy. I hope everything works out for him but I doubt it will, thought Samantha.

After his phone call to his wife Mason called the escort agency again. He asked for two female models who were bisexual. The escort agency owner told him he would call around to see if any of their models wanted to go as a couple. Mason gave out his cell phone number to the owner of the agency and told the sexy-sounding lady he’d be waiting for her to return his call. If it could be arranged, he hoped the two escorts would be willing to do a nude photo session while they entertained him. He got his camera ready to shoot some photographs.

Looking up realtors in the telephone book, Mason contacted the Luxury Agency, which advertised special homes and mansions for sale. A realtor named Jon Butler took the call and invited Mason to come down to the agency. He offered to take him on a virtual video tour of some mansions that were in his price range. Mason said he would be there in an hour or so. He took his rental car across the traffic-jammed Hollywood to the real estate office on West Sunset Strip.

Going inside the office, he met with the realtor and gave him a copy of his New York bank assets letter. Jon was amazed by the money Mason had available from his share of the Powerball jackpot. Thinking he had scored a great potential customer he took Mason into his inner office. They sat down at a conference table.

“This is a slideshow of current mansions on the market,” Jon told Mason. “Search through the pictures to see if any are of interest to you.”

Mason didn’t say anything to Jon, but felt sticker shock when he saw the high price of mansions in Hollywood compared to Traverse City. Hollywood mansions were expensive. After searching the database, he selected one home that looked viable. The mansion had a twenty-million-dollar price tag on it which, according to Jon, was well below the appraised value. The owners wanted a quick sale to settle a bitter divorce. One of the things Mason liked about the mansion was that its listing noted immediate occupancy might possibly take place. Mason thought he could move out of the small Hollywood Hotel room within days after purchasing the new mansion.

“I would like to see this one,” said Mason, pointing at the picture of the mansion.

“Good. This mansion hasn’t been on the market for long. I’ll make the arrangements necessary for you to tour the home tomorrow morning,” Jon told him.

“I am staying at the Hollywood Hotel. Can you pick me up there?” asked Mason.

“Yes. I’ll pick you up about ten a.m.,” promised Jon.

After agreeing to meet the next morning, they said good-bye. Mason left the real estate office hopeful that he could make an offer on the mansion the next day.

Mason had researched more restaurants on one of the hotel’s business laptops. He took his rental car toMusso & Frank’s Grill on Hollywood Boulevard, known for its delicious steaks. After a Jack Daniels and Coke, he ordered a filet mignon, which exceeded his expectations. While Mason finished his meal he received a phone call informing him two bisexual models would meet him at his Hollywood Hotel room around six p.m. that evening. He had another drink and then left the restaurant for his hotel suite.

Good, thought Mason, I’ll get some bisexual action tonight. I can’t wait.

Once Mason got back to his room, he changed into his bathing suit and put on a white cotton robe. He walked down the hallway to the swimming pool and hot tub. Stepping inside the hot tub he relaxed for a full hour, finally returning to his suite totally relaxed. He changed into expensive dinner clothes and waited until six o’clock not knowing what to expect.

At exactly six o’clock the two models knocked on Mason’s hotel door and he let them in. They introduced themselves as Danielle and Kacee. Mason thought the models looked attractive, but couldn’t believe they were bisexual. He negotiated a fee of $2,000 for a dinner, some dancing, and action after the party, late at night. He willingly paid their fee in cash with hundred-dollar bills. The three of them took a taxicab to The Grill of Hollywood. Although Mason had recently eaten, he ordered grilled duck. Being rich, he didn’t have to worry about his weight and how it felt around his waist. The two escorts told the waiter they wanted sirloin steaks cooked medium.

While they waited for their salads and entrees, Mason found out that, like Roxanna, the women were both aspiring actresses. It seemed like all the escort women in Hollywood wanted to be actresses and star in movie productions.

Mason started the conversation and told them, “I’m a multimillionaire who recently won a Powerball jackpot. I meet with a studio owner for lunch and he agreed to make a film based on my recently completed novel titled The Love Affair. Tomorrow I’m going to look at a mansion for sale. I also wanted to buy a new car tomorrow, a new Porsche 911. When I move into my mansion, I’m going to have escorts sunbathing around the swimming pool all the time. Want to join me?”

“Sure,” they both said at once. The escorts were impressed by Mason’s implied wealth and didn’t care if he was obese. He had money and that’s what counted to them more than anything else.

After dinner, they went to the Hemingway Lounge on Hollywood Boulevard and drank cocktails named after the famous author’s literary works. Mason enjoyed watching the other men who looked envious of him having two attractive women listening to every word he spoke. All three of them danced at the same time to a DJ who played an eclectic mix of rock favorites. Mason and the escorts enjoyed themselves at the lounge. At eleven o’clock, Mason told them it was time to leave and go back to the hotel suite.

Once they got back to the room, Danielle asked Mason, “Do you want to snort some cocaine?”

“I’ve never done cocaine before, but I’ll give it a try,” he answered.

After snorting three lines of the coke, Mason felt high and he was dizzy. Everyone undressed. As the escorts got ready to entertain him Mason asked them if he could take some nude pictures of them making love to each other. They said fine, as long as the pictures didn’t appear in a magazine or on the Internet. They posed nude for the photographs. Danielle and Kacee made love while Mason focused the camera, catching the bisexual action. After the photo session, he told them he didn’t like wearing a condom, thinking it was a downer. The escorts didn’t mind him going unprotected. The two women made love together again while Mason watched, masturbating. Then they doubled up on Mason, fulfilling one of his sexual fantasies of having sex with two women at the same time. He climaxed soon thereafter, pleased with the escorts’ service. He asked them for their soiled panties and they complied with his request. He kept them as trophies to remember the sexual experience with them.  

Mason had a strong fetish for women’s panties. The night was wonderful for him, with memorable sex, but without any protection to ward off sexually transmitted diseases.

At three in the morning, Mason crashed and the escorts left the hotel room, leaving him with a small plastic baggie of cocaine. They were happy with his cocaine payment and the extra tip Mason had provided for letting him photograph them having sex together.

Unbelievable sex with those two women. I’ll have to request Danielle and Kacee again from the escort agency. I definitely enjoyed myself making love to them together, Mason thought to himself as he fell asleep, dreaming about his new life as a playboy in Hollywood.

            Mason slept hard that night. His head was still buzzing the next morning from the cocaine he had snorted the previous night. He got $1,000,000 in cash that he kept in the hotel safe, and carried the money outside in a briefcase. Mason wished he had a handgun to protect the money and himself from criminals.

Jon Butler picked him up at the Hollywood Hotel at ten o’clock in a black limousine. They cut across Beverly Hills to see the mansion that was for sale. A stout woman answered the front gate and gave them a tour of the large house. The mansion had five bedrooms, a master bedroom suite, six bathrooms, a large living room, kitchen with an island counter, a den, a cocktail lounge, a movie theater, a large swimming pool, and a detached garage for five cars. There was a security gateway into the grounds, video cameras, and an elaborate alarm system around the mansion for the owner’s safety. The home was just what Mason was looking to buy. He made a verbal offer of $18,500,000 cash and the woman accepted his suggested price. Mason gave her $1,000,000 cash in the briefcase to hold the mansion for him until he could get the rest of the money from his New York bank. They sealed the deal with a handshake.

“I’m sure your mansion will increase in value. I’ll treat you lunch at The Hard Rock Cafeon Hollywood Boulevard between the Chinese Theaterand the Dolby Theater if you want,”offered Jon later that day.

            “That would be great,” said Mason. “I’m an old- time rock ‘n’ roll fan.”

They went to the café, parked the limo, and walked inside. Jimi Hendrix’s purple plush hat, a pair of Ringo Starr’s drumsticks, Jim Morrison’s well-worn leather pants, Eddie Van Halen’s red-and-white Kramer guitar, Rihanna’s red swimsuit, and other musicians’ artifacts were on display. Mason was impressed with the café and had a good time.

After wandering around for a while, Jon and Mason sat down for lunch. Mason was surprised at all the menu offerings. Jon ordered a balsamic tomato bruschetta salad with ciabatta bread, which sounded good to eat. Mason asked for the grilled chicken marsala on a bed of thin spaghetti and topped with mushrooms. He was hungry as usual and ordered a twenty-two-ounce chocolate shake made with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Mason kept the hurricane glass with the Hard Rock label on it as a souvenir.

Being a good businessman, Jon wanted to know all about Mason’s upcoming movie. Mason told him a summary of The Love Affair and his deal with Welling’s studio. Jon asked him to refer to him any other people interested in buying real estate. Mason said he would make referrals of anyone he got to know in Hollywood for the real estate agent. When they finished their meal, Jon took Mason back to the Hollywood Hotel.

Mason made bank arrangements later that day to get a cashier’s check for the balance of the purchase price. This he did from his New York bank, with $1,000,000 extra for spending money. He spent the afternoon buying a Porsche 911 GT3, an open-top, two-seater model for over $250,000. Mason bought expensive furniture from Ethan Allen for his mansion. Also that afternoon, Mason put down a down payment to hold a thirty-five-foot yacht. He made arrangements to have the luxury boat anchored in the Hollywood marina. Mason had the words The Love Affair painted on the stern of the yacht. He thought that having the title of his book be the boat’s name was cool.

Once he got back to the hotel, he spent the evening with an escort named Heather. At first Mason thought she was just okay, nothing special. She didn’t do drugs or allow him to take nude pictures. Also, she wouldn’t give Mason her soiled panties for a trophy, which made him mad.

During the evening Heather drank too much alcohol, nearly passing out early when they got back to the hotel suite. That night, she had sex with Mason, but she insisted he wear a condom. While they were making love, the condom fell off his thin penis. Heather giggled and laughed at the sight of the condom on the bedsheet. Although he was embarrassed, Mason saw the humor in the situation and laughed too. After some quick sex, Mason let Heather sleep off her drunken condition before she left the hotel suite.

I didn’t really like her compared to the other previous escorts, Mason thought to himself. Heather wasn’t that good in bed and refused to be photographed nude. She wouldn’t give me her soiled panties. I won’t request her again from the escort service. Too bad for her ass. She won’t get any more of my money.

The next week, the furniture arrived and Mason made himself at home in his new mansion. He put another $1,000,000 in the mansion’s safe in case he needed it. Mason forgot to telephone Samantha about the news of buying a Hollywood residence. In fact, he hadn’t thought much about Samantha or Traverse City since arriving back in Hollywood.