Chapter Six

Samantha started taking the PRITQ tablets and in a few days felt better.  She did not tell her mother or Pamela that she was taking medication and seeing a clinical psychologist.  Mason would also be left in the dark about her depression and therapy.  It was her secret, and she guarded it faithfully.

On Wednesday night, Samantha attended her first support group meeting with the social worker and five widows, plus a widower named Albert Oldfield.  Albert looked like he was in his early fifties.  His wife had recently died.  The group members were supportive of each other, telling stories about the death in their family and the subsequent grief they experienced.

After the meeting, Albert walked over to Samantha and asked her to go to the Beacon Club atop the Park Place Hotel for a cocktail.  He made it clear he just wanted her to be a friend.  Samantha, not wanting to be left alone in her lonely mansion again and thinking his offer to be harmless, agreed to go with Albert.

They both drove their cars over to the Park Place Hotel, taking an elevator to the top floor of the building.  Once inside the Beacon Club they sat down at a window seat overlooking Traverse City and had a cocktail.  Albert explained he was a real estate broker and had a lakefront home like Samantha out on the Old Mission Peninsula.  Samantha enjoyed the evening and an hour later said goodbye and went back to her mansion.

Albert and Samantha followed this routine each Wednesday night after the grief support group meeting.  One time, he invited her to go see his house on Lake Michigan.  Samantha hesitated, but then agreed to go see his lakefront home.  Once they arrived and went inside, Albert turned on the stereo and dimmed the lights.  They sat together on a brown leather couch talking to each other.  Eventually, he scooted close to Samantha and kissed her on the cheek.  Samantha didn’t know how to respond.  Part of her wanted to leave because she was married, and another part of her wanted more affection.  Albert took his time seducing Samantha.  Eventually, they undressed and made love on the leather couch.  Both of them simultaneously climaxed hard.  It was the best sex Samantha had ever had in her entire life.  Albert was so gentle and kind that during the next Wednesday night they made love again.

This time, Samantha gave Ellen Baker, the maid, a day off on Thursday so she didn’t have to rush home in the morning.  Samantha didn’t want Ellen to know she was having an affair for fear the maid might slip up and tell Mason either on purpose or accidentally.  She arrived home late in the morning after breakfast with Albert.

Samantha felt blissful and fulfilled as a woman when Albert romanced her.  Sex was so much better making love with a gentleman, compared to Mason’s weak and quick efforts.  She was feeling much better about herself and did not feel guilty at all.

During the next session with Dr. Goldsmith, Samantha told her she was having an extramarital affair.  Dr. Goldsmith’s reaction was just making sure Samantha didn’t get hurt.  She was extremely nonjudgmental about her client’s affair, which pleased Samantha greatly.  The therapist could tell Samantha was quite fond of Albert.

Samantha telephoned Pamela and set up a luncheon date for the next day at Brady’s Bar on Union Street.  Once inside, they greeted each other warmly and sat down at a booth.  Brady’s pizza was one of their favorite meals.  They ordered lunch and then began talking to each other.

“I have some good news for you, Pamela,” announced Samantha.

“What kind of news?” asked her friend.

“I have a new boyfriend who I really like.  His name is Albert Oldfield.  He is a mature gentleman in his fifties and a wealthy real estate broker.  We made love together twice.  I’m cheating on my lousy husband, Mason, but I don’t feel guilty about it,” Samantha told Pamela.

“Oh, really, that doesn’t surprise me at all.  Mason is never around Traverse City anymore.  Are you happy?”

“To tell you the truth I’m thrilled Pamela.  Albert is a gentleman and treats me like a real woman.  We’re just going to see if Mason comes back to me.  If he does return, I’ll make another go at our marriage.  Until then, I’m going to date Albert,” explained Samantha.

“If you’re happy, I’m happy.  We’ve been good friends and I’ll stick by you through thick and thin,” promised Pamela.

“I know you will,” Samantha told her friend.  “I appreciate it.”

They changed the subject to discuss Pamela’s spring break vacation at the Florida Keys.  Then their pizza came to the booth and they ate lunch.  After eating, they said goodbye and left Brady’s Bar, hugging in the parking lot before going their separate ways.

All this time, in the evenings Mason was lounging around his swimming pool with naked escort women at his side.  He paid for their services, gave them tips and presents.  He also began to snort a large amount of cocaine he received from the escorts on a regular basis.

He routinely went to John Kelly’s Chocolate Store and bought chocolate molded butterflies each filled with a mix of caramel, roasted crushed almonds and sea salt.  John Kelly’s customers included actors, director, producers, musicians and other creative types who think it is their favorite chocolate shop.  He would eat a whole box of chocolates every day, gaining weight but he didn’t care.  Being obese was okay as far as Mason was concerned.  He could always pay for a girlfriend.

One afternoon, Paul Finch decided to visit Mason to see if he could get a second movie contract out of him.  Paul and Mason had cocktails around the swimming pool, talking about The Love Affair movie’s schedule.  The movie was right on schedule to be released in nine months.  Roxanna, Danielle, and Kacee were lying half-naked at the end of the pool on lawn recliners in Paul’s view.

“Who are they?” asked Paul, amused.

“I got them bit parks in The Love Affair movie.  It was all I could do to help their acting careers.  All three of them lack talent except in my bed where they are exceptional.  I call them my human vacuum cleaners,” Mason said, joking around.  “They will suck your cock dry.  Do you want one of them to come over and give you the best blow jobs of your life?”

“No, my wife wouldn’t approve of something like that,” replied Paul, somewhat shocked.

“Maybe some other time you can come over and enjoy their talents.  Three on one is sure to give you an erection,” Mason told the movie agent, smiling.

“No way, I’m happily married.  Mason, I can make arrangements for a second movie if you want to pursue your film career beyond The Love Affair,” offered Paul.

“Maybe later, when The Love Affair is finished, I’ll think about a second movie,” Mason told his agent.

“I’m just planting a seed.  Let me know when you are ready to start planning another movie,” said Paul.

They said goodbye, and Mason turned his attention to the escorts.

“Let’s take some photographs of our little family.  I want to take some pictures of you three lovers,” suggested Roxanna.

Mason always had his digital camera ready for a photo opportunity.  He gave the camera to Roxanna and showed her how it worked.  Then he took off his clothes and sat back naked on the lawn chair.  While Danielle and Kacee worked on Mason, giving him oral sex and intercourse, Roxanna took some pictures of the three lovers.

Once they had finished having sex, Roxanna said, “Mason, I want to take your camera to Walgreens and have some pictures developed for you.  Pretty, please?”

“Okay,” agreed Mason, not thinking much about it.

Roxanna left the mansion and drove to Walgreens where she developed the obscene photographs discreetly.  Then she returned to the mansion where Danielle and Kacee had left Mason alone and he had dressed again.  The escort showed Mason the pictures of him having sex with two women.

“I developed some of these photographs for my own use,” explained Roxanna.  “I’m going to mail them to your wife in Traverse City unless you give me $100,000.”

Mason was shocked by her demands and asked, “What are you doing, Roxanna?  Are you trying to blackmail me?”

“You could call it that, if you wish.  Anyway, I want $100,000 in cash,” she told Mason firmly.

He hesitated and then protested, saying, “If I give you the money you’ll probably blackmail me again after you spend the $100,000.”

“You’ll just have to trust me.  I think your rich wife will divorce you when she sees these pictures of you having sex with Danielle and Kacee,” said Roxanna, not giving up her efforts to blackmail Mason.

“Okay, but just this one time, and I want all the pictures back,” said Mason, disgusted.  He walked inside the mansion and went to the safe in the master bedroom, opening it.  He slowly counted out $100,000 and then returned to the swimming pool area.  He gave the money to Roxanna, reluctantly.

“Thank you, Mason.  Here are all of the pictures,” Roxanna said, handing them over to Mason.  Unknown to him she kept some copies of the sexually explicit photographs for future reference.

“If you try to blackmail me some more, I’ll have you killed.  Now I never want to see your face in my life again,” threatened Mason.

“I’m not worried about it.  Goodbye forever, Mason,” said Roxanna, as she left the mansion.

Mason sat down in the lawn chair, shaking.  The incident taught him maybe he shouldn’t see escorts again except for cocaine.  He snorted some more lines of coke, trying to relax.  Closing his eyes, he couldn’t believe he had been blackmailed so easily.

 Mason wanted to appear sophisticated and well-to-do.  He began filling the walls of his mansion with contemporary, surrealism and pop art from the Stone Malone Gallery and Kohn Gallery in Las Angeles.  Mason even attended an auction at Bonhams & Butterfield buying several original art works from famous artists. Going to well-known art dealers and using a Hollywood consultant named Helen LaFrac, Mason felt confident he wouldn’t get burned buying overpriced pieced items.  He didn’t know what he was doing when it came to art but purchased expensive paintings and bronze sculptures. After acquiring a sizeable collection to impress his new friends he lost interest in art. 

After the film auditions were completed, Mason threw a lavish party for the new cast.  He had a food buffet and a bartender who served cocktails.  About twenty-five people showed up for the party.  People were swimming in the pool, drinking heavily, smoking marijuana, doing quaaludes and snorting cocaine.  Mason thought his party was coming off successfully.  With his steady supply of cocaine from the remaining escorts, Mason started dealing small amounts of the drug to his new friends.  Dealing increased his popularity among them.  Mason was always looking for ways to come across hip with the Hollywood scene.

Eric Northland, the movie director, and Paul Finch, his movie agent came to Mason’s party.  They had a good time, but didn’t do any marijuana, quaaludes or cocaine.  Both of the men did drink a lot of alcohol and got a buzz on, laughing and joking around with Mason.  Although Scott Welling was invited to the party, he couldn’t be bothered.  He thought Mason was uncouth and lacked class.  All he wanted was Mason’s money.

It was at the party that Mason met the star actress of the movie named Charlotte Martin.  Mason thought she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.  She was a tall, well-endowed blonde with blue eyes and raspberry lips. Some people in Hollywood felt she was the next Marilyn Monroe.  She was by far more attractive and refined than Samantha.  Mason spent a lot of time with Charlotte at the party and later in the evening, getting to know her.  Growing up in Wisconsin, she had come to Hollywood like so many others to find fame and fortune.  Charlotte had just graduated from the Universal Studio Film Academy and this was her first lead role in a movie.

Charlotte liked the idea that Mason was a rich lottery winner and didn’t care about his bald head and overweight body.  In fact, she was a gold digger and only dated men with money.  Charlotte didn’t drink alcohol but did a lot of prescription methaqualone quaaludes, a sedative and hypnotic drug usually taken orally.  Quaaludes are a highly addictive drug and should not be mixed with alcohol.  She looked high to Mason while he snorted cocaine.

When everyone left the party, she stayed and spent the night with Mason.  Sex with Charlotte was the best Mason had ever had, even better than the escorts and certainly better than with Samantha.  He climaxed fast.  While she wasn’t looking he snatched her soiled panties for his collection.