Later the next day, Samantha telephoned Mason again. This time she got though and told him, “Come home to Traverse City or I’ll file for a divorce and you will never get a cent out of me.”

“I’ll come home right away,” said Mason, frightened by her threat. He thought he might need Samantha’s jackpot money some day in the future.

Her demand to come back to Traverse City or there would be a divorce woke Mason up. Samantha had half of the lottery money, and he might need the extra money someday. Once Mason said he was coming home Samantha asked Albert to stay away from her while she tried to get her marriage back on track. Albert told her he understood the situation and would give her space to sort out things with Mason.

The next day, Mason flew back to Traverse City and tried to patch things up with Samantha. She was willing to stop divorce proceedings if he stayed for a few weeks. They got along well, although Alice, during their lunches together, questioned his judgment about making a movie. Mason assured her it would be a successful movie and make money. Samantha’s only disappointment was that Mason did not make love to her at all again, like before they’d won the lottery. He just didn’t seem interested in sex with Samantha, preferring porno movies and masturbating twice a day to satisfy his sexual desires. She had a second disappointment when he told her he was going back to Hollywood soon.

After three weeks in Traverse City, Mason returned to Hollywood, eager for some cocaine and to reunite with Charlotte. She had stayed in his mansion alone while Mason was out of town in Traverse City visiting Samantha.

The next morning, his agent, Paul Finch, had some bad news about the movie. Film production costs had skyrocketed and were over budget. Paul informed Mason that a clause in his contract with Welling’s studio held him responsible for another $20,000,000 or he’d forfeit his first $50,000,000. Mason was irate and told Paul he was thinking about suing Welling’s studio.

Paul strongly discouraged Mason’s idea of taking legal action, saying the contract was binding and on sound footing. Plus, once the movie was distributed, he told Mason, it would result in a lot more money beyond his $70,000,000 investment, perhaps up to $250,000,000. Mason finally agreed to advance the additional money from his New York bank for the film to Scott Welling’s studio. Mason slowly got over the financial hassle that had caused his money to dwindle down even more.

One Sunday afternoon, Mason took his friend Michael Peters on a yacht ride. Michael was a black actor with short dark hair. Once they got going through the waves, Mason pulled some cocaine from a plastic bag. Michael also thought cocaine was cool. They snorted several lines of the drug. Mason let Michael take the helm of the yacht and steer it for a while.

“Did you know Ms. Butterfly?” asked Mason.

“Yes, I knew her before she became famous,” Michael replied.

“Paul Finch gave us VIP tickets for her recent concert at The Forum. Charlotte and I met her backstage after a great concert. She seemed extremely likable and came across as a decent person. It’s too bad she died in a jet accident,” said Mason.

            “Yes, she was a good head. Friendly. I mourned her death, being such a young person still in the prime of her life,” said Michael.

“Ms. Butterfly said you were one of her friends. She said she would invite us to her birthday party before she died,” said Mason.

“I would probably have gone too if I had been invited,” said Michael, slurring his words. He had gotten high on the cocaine and it affected his speech.

There was a pause before he started to talk again. “Excuse me, but my thoughts are drifting. I’m high on that cocaine,” said Michael. “It makes my body numb and tingle all over.”

“If you snort enough of it, you’ll feel powerful and indestructible. Coke is a better high compared to the Quaaludes Charlotte enjoys and Cheyenne’s grass,” said Mason.

“I’ve never done Quaaludes before,” said Michael, shaking his head. “I’m afraid I’ll get addicted to them.”

Mason changed the subject. He asked, “Did you always want to be an actor?”

“Yes,” replied Michael. “Even as a little boy I was fascinated by the film stars and movies. I grew up dreaming of becoming a famous actor. How about you, Mason? Did you always want to be an author?”

“In high school, I had a creative writing teacher named Miss Jackson, who thought I was a good writer. She encouraged me to write short stories. Miss Jackson influenced me greatly. She was a gifted teacher. After her mentoring, I wanted to become an author of bestselling novels. I really liked her compared to my other teachers in high school. She was a super lady,” said Mason.

An hour later, Mason let Michael steer the boat into the yacht club, ending the cruise for the day.

“Thank you for giving me the wheel of The Love Affair and the coke. I had a good time.”

“You’re welcome, Michael. We will have to do it again soon. You have been my best friend in Hollywood.”

“Thank you,” said Michael.

They said good-bye to each other and parted company.

Often the friends could be seen at Hollywood restaurants and nightclubs together with Charlotte and Michael, including his significant other, Cheyenne Moon. Cheyenne Moon was her stage name. She was an aspiring actress who had a bit part in The Love Affair. She only did marijuana, smoking several joints every day. They all had a good relationship and enjoyed each other’s company. Mason often entertained them at his mansion with a meat buffet and open bar.

He got bored sitting at home and decided to take a gourmet cooking class at theLa Franc Restaurant on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. After several sessions, he could prepare simple gourmet meals for his guests at the mansion. He enjoyed the class and began cooking basic dishes at home for Charlotte, other people, and himself.

One Sunday, when Charlotte wasn’t acting at Welling’s studio, Mason invited her, Michael, and Cheyenne to a private outing to the San Diego Zoo in a rented limousine. Once at the zoo, the chauffeur parked the limo in front of the entrance so they wouldn’t have to walk so far to the admission gate. When they arrived inside the zoo, the four of them took a rented golf cart tour of the attractions. They saw many animals, including monkeys, zebras, giraffes, lions, tigers, and polar bears.

At one point, Charlotte and Michael had to go to the bathroom and Mason parked the cart in front of the restrooms near the rhino area of the zoo. Charlotte and Michael went inside. Cheyenne moved to the front seat of the golf cart next to Mason. As they waited for the two friends to finish up in the restroom, Mason stole a kiss from Cheyenne.

“I love you,” said Mason to Cheyenne, using the word “love” loosely.

“I didn’t know you cared,” commented Cheyenne, eager for some of Mason’s money. She was a gold-digger like Charlotte, even worse.

“Cheyenne, you could be one of my girlfriends and we could meet while Charlotte is acting at the studio in the morning. Michael would never need to know we’re part-time lovers. Why don’t you come over to my mansion tomorrow morning at ten o’clock for a private party and some fun?” suggested Mason.

“Okay,” agreed Cheyenne, which surprised him.

She moved to the backseat of the golf cart again, giving Mason a kiss on the back of his neck.

When Charlotte and Michael returned from the restroom, Mason and Cheyenne acted like nothing had happened. The foursome continued their tour of the zoo, making a day of it. Once back in Hollywood, Mason invited Charlotte, Michael, and Cheyenne home for dinner. He cooked a pot of fresh asparagus and bacon soup, an orange-glazed ham, and sweet potatoes. They all dined near the swimming pool on lawn chairs at a card table.

“Mason, you’re becoming a real gourmet cook,” praised Michael.

“Thank you.”

The next morning, Cheyenne visited Mason at his mansion. He gave her an American Express card with unlimited charges on it to spend as she pleased. Mason couldn’t believe his luck as they made love in the master bedroom. She was an animal. That same morning the fat, bald man had another sexual conquest under his belt. Large amounts of cocaine he had snorted kept him horny throughout the day.

Afterward, Cheyenne left Mason to watch nude escort pictures on his laptop and sort through his panty collection. He masturbated again and again until his penis was swollen.

Mason’s expenses increased, and with improvements to the mansion’s grounds and fees for having his yacht moored at the Hollywood Marina he felt a financial pinch. In time, Charlotte’s and Cheyenne’s constant spending was taking a toll on Mason’s wealth. He paid cash for a new Porsche for Charlotte and a BMW for Cheyenne so they could travel around in Hollywood like movie stars. It was the second car for Charlotte. Again, the car title was put in Charlotte’s name, based on mutual faith that her relationship with Mason was long-lasting.

On her free time away from Mason, in the guise of shopping, she loved going to the Hollywood Park Casino. Charlotte enjoyed playing Texas Hold’em and became a compulsive gambler. She often didn’t know when to stop and lost large sums of money gambling. In addition to her shopping stories, she lied to Mason, telling him she was sending money away to her poor mother in Wisconsin. Being naïve, Mason bought into her claims that she didn’t have a gambling addiction. He didn’t suspect she now spent time in the casino whenever possible.

The next morning, Samantha got up from her bed in the Traverse City mansion and threw up in the toilet adjoining the master bedroom. Samantha thought maybe she had the flu, but then remembered she had missed her period that month. She got into her Cadillac and drove over to Munson Hospital for a pregnancy test. A million thoughts rushed through her mind. How could this have happened? The positive test results indicated she was over one month pregnant with a baby. Not knowing how her mother might react, Samantha didn’t immediately tell her the news.

That Wednesday night at the Beacon Club, with Albert, while sipping wine, Samantha broke down and cried.

“What’s wrong with you?” asked Albert, worried he had said something inappropriate.

“I’m pregnant with your baby,” she told him in a burst of energy.

“Wonderful, I always wanted children. Now we can get married and have a little family,” suggested Albert, obviously pleased upon hearing the news Samantha was pregnant.

“You’re not mad?” asked Samantha, expecting him to be upset. She had been startled by his positive response upon hearing the news of an unplanned baby.

“I’m delighted,” replied Albert. “Samantha, I love you. Like I said, let’s get married say in Las Vegas next week. They process marriage certificates fast in Sin City and they’re perfectly legal.”

Samantha hesitated and then broke into a frown, saying, “No, we can’t get married. I’m already married to Mason and want to give him one more chance to come back to Traverse City. Maybe my husband will return from Hollywood someday soon.”

“Okay, I can wait,” Albert assured her, disappointed by her turning down his marriage proposal for the time being.

The next day she told her mother that she was pregnant. Her mother said, “How can that be? Mason hasn’t been to Traverse City for months.”

“I have a new boyfriend, named Albert Oldfield. He is a mature gentleman and a wealthy real estate broker. He’s a wonderful man, and you’ll like him. Albert likes me for who I am and not all my lottery money. I’m in love with him and plan on divorcing Mason if he doesn’t return from Hollywood soon,” Samantha explained.

“If Mason returns you are going to have a tough time informing him you’re pregnant,” said Alice, concerned.

“I know,” said Samantha.

“Are you happy to be pregnant?” asked her mother.

“Yes, quite happy,” answered Samantha.

“Then I share your happiness and look forward to being a grandmother,” said Alice.

Samantha was pleased with her mother’s reaction. She telephoned Pamela and told her best friend the news that she was pregnant. Albert, she said, wanted to marry her if she divorced Mason but she wanted to give her marriage one last chance. Pamela felt happy for Samantha and told her so. Everything seemed to be working out in Samantha’s life except for Mason’s decision to live in Hollywood for the time being.

When Dr. Goldsmith held Samantha’s next regular weekly therapy session the clinical psychologist asked, “How are things going?”

“Surprise. Surprise. I’m pregnant,” said Samantha.

“Oh really, what do you think about that?” asked Dr. Goldsmith who took the news calmly and didn’t overreact.

“It came as a shock. I think it’s great news. I always wanted to have a child. Like I told you before, Mason didn’t try to get me pregnant. I haven’t told him yet because he seldom calls me. When I told Albert, I was surprised when he said he always wanted us to start a small family. He thinks my pregnancy is a good thing and enhances our relationship. That made me happy. Albert proposed to me but I turned him down gently. I want to give Mason one more chance to come home,” explained Samantha.

Dr. Goldsmith was supportive of Samantha’s totally unexpected pregnancy. She asked the young millionaire, “Are you still going to yoga classes at the Y?”

“Yes. I am, three days a week. I was sore the first two weeks and thought about quitting. I hung in there and now my muscles are more flexible. After the classes I feel totally relaxed and calm. Yoga is a fun exercise and I now like it. I’m happy you encouraged me to attend,” she told her therapist.

“Good for you, Samantha. Keep up with your yoga classes for both your physical and emotional well-being,” Dr. Goldsmith said, encouraging the young woman.

They continued the conversation for the rest of the half an hour, talking about Albert, and then said good-bye to each other.

One day a full box of novels of The Love Affair from a self-publishing company named Bargain Books arrived at Mason’s mansion. It had arrived in Hollywood by way of UPS. He opened the large box and was happy with the way his new book looked. It had a crisp cover picture of a large yacht and his name was on the front of the novel. On the back cover was his picture and a biography. Mason handed out copies of the novel at Welling’s studio, even signing some copies.

Mason went to a Hollywood photography studio and had another picture taken of himself with a cowboy hat on his head. He contacted Writer’s Relief, a company that built author’s websites, and ordered one to be created for him. Mason was quite proud of his self-published novel and that he had an author’s website. He had business cards made up with his name on them, together with the word Author in bold print, with his email and website address. Passing it along to people at Welling’s studio and visitors at his mansion, he felt like a celebrity. The printed book built up his ego and made him proud even though he was a self-published author who paid for the books to be printed himself.

Mason soon became worried about paying all his bills. He still loved Charlotte and Cheyenne, and couldn’t say no to their expenses. Charlotte had become hopelessly addicted to Quaaludes and it was starting to affect her work. She arrived at the movie set later and later each morning. Recently, she’d had trouble remembering her lines during a film production session.

Charlotte was running low on Quaaludes and telephoned Kevin Mattson for a refill of the drug. She had been introduced to Kevin at the Welling’s studio by a friend. He sometimes hung out with the actors and actresses. A slender and well-dressed bachelor in his late thirties with a brown fu-man-chu mustache, he was attractive to the women in his life. Kevin specialized in selling Quaaludes and cocaine. He avoided heroin and crack cocaine as those drug users were too dangerous to deal with. Also, the prison sentences for those super hard drugs were much longer. He had a connection for Quaaludes from an illegal laboratory in San Diego and bought cocaine at wholesale prices from the Columbian Black Eagles cartel.

Quaaludes promote relaxation and euphoria. In 1984 Quaaludes became a Federal Schedule 1 drug so they are not legally available in the United States. “Luding out” where Quaaludes were taken with wine, had become a popular college pastime in the 1980s. It was the drug of choice for Charlotte but she didn’t mix Quaaludes with alcohol, fearing a negative reaction or even death.

Quaalude dosage is 75–150mg for light sedation. A common dosage is 300mg. Up to 600mg is used for strong sedation. Tolerance to Quaaludes develops rapidly and some users take 2000mg daily to experience the desired effect. Two thousand grams of Quaaludes can cause an overdose, rendering the user unconscious, and can sometimes causes death.

After using valet parking for her yellow Ford Mustang, Charlotte joined Kevin in a West Hollywood Mediterranean restaurant named the Fig and Olive Melrose. They had a late lunch. The restaurant had white walls and floors, and the décor was also white. There were lights on little trees, giving the restaurant the perfect ambiance. Kevin had made reservations for two because the restaurant could be crowded. Walk-ins without a reservation sometimes had to wait forty-five minutes for a table.

When they met, Charlotte said hello and hugged Kevin. He said, “Good to see you.” They sat down at a table for two along the back wall. A disc jockey was playing some tunes nearby. They could talk without being overheard by people nearby. Kevin ordered the roasted salmon salad and Charlotte wanted the butter lettuce dish.

            While they waited for their meal Charlotte asked Kevin “Did you bring me some Quaaludes?”

“Yes,” Kevin told her. “But I’m sorry the price has gone up. Three hundred ludes will cost you $1,000. The ludes are 600mg per dose so they should last you a long time. If you still want the ludes at that increased price, we’ll have to go somewhere discreet for the exchange. We can go anywhere but not here in the restaurant.”

“I do want to buy the Quaaludes from you and I don’t care how much money I have to spend on them. Why don’t we go to Mason’s mansion and I’ll pay you the money to complete the deal?” suggested Charlotte.

“Good idea. How’s Mason doing with his supply of cocaine?” asked Kevin.

“He is always on the lookout for more coke,” answered Charlotte.

“I have some to sell him if he wants to do business with me,” offered Kevin. 

“He’s home now and you two can discuss a deal at the mansion. I’m almost sure he is interested in obtaining more coke. A thousand bandits should last me a long time if I pace myself,” said Charlotte, pleased that she had found a good drug connection.

“When your supply of Quaaludes becomes low, give me a call and I’ll arrange another buy in San Diego.” said Kevin.

“Okay, that sounds good to me,” said Charlotte who was pleased with the amount of Quaaludes she would receive despite the increased cost, which affected Mason more than it did her.

They ate their salads, talking about Welling’s studio and then left the restaurant after Kevin paid the bill for dinner. Charlotte drove her Mustang back to the mansion as Kevin successfully followed her in heavy traffic. Once they got to the mansion Charlotte opened the front gate with her remote-control device. They drove inside and parked in the driveway. Kevin brought a silver camera case with him onto the mansion’s grounds. Mason greeted them and they sat around the swimming pool in lawn chairs, relaxing.

Kevin opened the camera case and took out six bottles of Quaaludes. Charlotte thanked Mason for the money he’d given her to purchase the drugs and then she took 600mg of quads. She got up and placed the bottles in the master bedroom’s medicine cabinet. Then the actress returned to the swimming pool and rejoined the two men, smoking another Virginia Slims cigarette. It took approximately thirty minutes for the dose of Quaaludes to get Charlotte high. The high lasted between five to eight hours. In a relatively short period of time Charlotte felt euphoric. She was quite pleased with the quality of the Quaaludes Kevin had provided her that afternoon.

“Mason, do you want an ounce of cocaine from my magic camera case?” asked Kevin.

Mason laughed and then said, “Yes. I’m always low on cocaine from snorting it all day.”

“Okay, here is an ounce,” offered Kevin. “It’s nearly pure coke and comes from Columbia.”

Mason accepted the full baggie and got out his wallet. He paid Kevin cheerfully, happy to have scored the ounce of cocaine. From the size of mansion Kevin knew Mason was a wealthy man. He wanted to do more business with him.

“When you guys get low on drugs give me a call and I’ll stop by with some more,” said Kevin. “Mason, I also want to talk with you about a cocaine deal between us.”

“What kind of deal?” asked Mason, curious about the business Kevin wanted to discuss.

“If you front me $50,000, I’ll double that in a week as a dealer,” explained Kevin. “You will stand to receive some hefty profits from the deal.”

“Where do you get that much coke from?” asked Mason. “I heard there’s a shortage in the Hollywood market.”

“The vast majority of cocaine arriving in the United States originates from Columbia. A substantial amount of it comes to the Los Angeles area. I usually buy my coke from the drug cartel named the Black Eagles. They are an organization made up of a gang of paramilitaries who fought in the civil war in Columbia. After the war ended, the cartel started dealing in cocaine. They either fly in the coke or ship it by sea in boats. Getting it from Columbia in trucks is not realistic because there are no roads through the jungles and mountains. Smuggling by air is the safest way to bring cocaine into the United States. You don’t often hear about a plane getting shot down by the Feds. However, it sometimes it happens and a shipment is lost. A few pilots get caught when they crash but not that many. Some cartels even use submarines but I don’t think the Black Eagles are all that sophisticated,” said Kevin.

He went on saying, “Since the crackdown in Columbia the shipments have gotten smaller, to avoid losing millions of dollars if they get busted. The loads of coke have diminished in size from tons to a few hundred kilos because the cartels cannot afford losses that were previously acceptable. Gone are the days of the Escobar’s Medellin and rival Cali cartels when tons of cocaine were shipped to United States at one time.

Cartel members turned against rival groups and snitched on each other. These two major cartels, operating years ago, even influenced the Columbian government. They were assassins. After the civil war former paramilitaries soon picked up the cocaine trade. One of them, the Black Eagles, are not as powerful as the previous cartels. Los Urabenos is now the only cartel maintaining a nationwide presence in Columbia. The Columbian government has turned its focus on the Los Urabenos and the group has sustained losses but its top leadership has avoided capture.”

“Kevin, you sure know a lot about cocaine cartels,” said Mason, who was also personally interested in the subject.

“I’ve been in the business for a number of years. I also read books and go on the Internet for even more information,” Kevin explained. “Recently the Columbian police have seized many aircraft, boats, trucks, and weapons. They have made several raids in the last few months. The smuggling networks have suffered major disruptions. The low supply coming in and high demand in the United States have caused a jump in the price of cocaine. That’s been helpful in a way because if you can score a load of coke it sells fast for more money. I only have so much money to invest and need a financial partner. $50,000 would get you into a partnership with me. The risks of you getting busted are minimal because you would not have to touch the coke shipments. Plus, I’ll give you some free cocaine.”

“Okay. I’ll get $50,000 out of my safe and will go along with you buying some coke with my money. When the deal comes down, I don’t want to be there,” said Mason not wanting to get busted for selling cocaine.

“That’s okay,” said Kevin, pleased with his new friend’s positive attitude and the start of their business arrangement.

Mason went inside the master bedroom and got $50,000 out of his safe, putting the money into a briefcase. Mason returned to the swimming pool. He gave the briefcase full of money to Kevin and shook the drug dealer’s hand, thus sealing their partnership in crime.

Kevin said, “Thank you” and left his two friends, who were happy about a new supply of Quaaludes and cocaine.